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Well last week was a stressful one with a LOT going on.  had a huge legal writing memo due… interviewed for a summer internship…and turned in my application to a dual degree program that i reeeeeally want to get. as stressful as it was to complete each of these, now even more stress is coming my way.  now the fun part: waiting! hopefully the legal writing grade won’t be too far off, but who knows about the internship, and i should hear about the dual degree program by april 1.  of them all, i’m most stressed about the dual degree…. it sounds like an AMAZING program and opportunity, and even though i tried not to get myself too excited about it or get my heart set on getting it, like most things i try to avoid, i couldn’t.  i’m totally set on getting into the program and i know i’ll be really bummed if i don’t get it. at least i should know pretty soon, then planning the rest of my time here at vls comes a little easier. the internship would obviously be great, but its not in the field where i want to end up, though i do have a little experience in the area.  my alternative plan is to take a couple of summer classes, work to try to make a million dollars, and volunteer at one of the courts near home (where i’ll be working).  either way, i think i’ve got a good plan for the summer, so pretty much all my freaking out is focused on this dual degree program… hopefully the next two weeks fly by, while i’m hoping spring break doesn’t go quite as fast as i’m sure it will… before i know it, i’m sure it’ll be april 1 and i’ll have my answer, good or bad!


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