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The “Bullying Trial” Verdict

After reading Mr. Parker’s New Yorker article on the case resulting Tyler Clementi’s suicide, I was led to believe that Ravi would be acquitted of most of the charges against him.  Turns out, the jury found him guilty of 24 of the 35.

Ravi, at the very least, engaged in some immature and insensitive behavior that is all too common.  His arrogance, at the very least, may have contributed to Clementi’s death.  It is a shame that Ravi’s peers nor the school were there to call Ravi out, given the verbal diarrhea he posted on Twitter regarding and following through with his idea to spy on his roommate.  Alas, no one ever held Ravi responsible.

Until now.  Except now, it is the government, which may go ahead and deport him and/or put him in prison.

Many questions are circulating around this case: is criminalizing behavior like Ravi’s the answer to homophobia and bullying? Would we have had this trial if Clementi was straight/non-white/alive or if Ravi was white/an American citizen?  Does this amount to a witch hunt?  How stupid must Ravi’s attorneys must feel right now, after passing up a guilty plea and community service for this result for their client?

Discuss, discuss.


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