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No rest for the weary….

Like everything else in law school-land, spring break flew by.  It was nice to have a week to do NOTHING, though I wouldn’t have minded spending it on a sandy beach on a tropical island, heading home to Maine was good enough.  I appreciated this break, but it definitely made me long for more time, especially with this crazy warm weather we’ve been experiencing.  The last thing I want to do on a nice spring day is sit in a classroom or do my reading, so focusing for this next week will be difficult.  Its definitely time to get my brain back into school mode, since there are only a few weeks left of insanity that they call your 1L year.  I’m feeling much more relaxed about finals, mostly because I have some idea of what to expect, unlike last semester. I know that I can survive finals, and hopefully I can do more than just survive.



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