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People see what you post!

I know, this is stating the obvious.  Certainly, as adults in the age of social networking websites, we have caught on to a basic etiquette of how to conduct ourselves online.  Evidence seems to suggest otherwise, however.

I am not talking about people expressing their political/social/personal views on subjects that contribute to “the marketplace of ideas” that gets a cursory discussion in law school con law classes. People can say what they want on their Facebook pages, even things that send the message that they do not care what their peers, neighbors, friends, or colleagues think.  People can post on their Facebook account offensive, tasteless, or targeted attacks about those they interact with in person.  It does not mean that they escape the consequences of being disrespectful, namely sending a clear message that they are unprofessional and/or ignorant, lack good judgment, have the emotional intelligence of an invertebrate, and otherwise confirming with the larger public that they do not know how to behave in (any) social setting.

Keep it classy, VLS students, we got to have that $$$ professional school investment show for ourselves, right?


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