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Occupy the Library!

Vermont Law School fosters a great close-knit community. There exists a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration rather than one of competition. But we cannot forget that South Royalton also has a great community. And we should be a part of that community.

One great resource our small town has to offer is the Royalton Memorial Library. I have recently heard a number of people say, “Does South Royalton even have a library?” And I say, “Why yes it does!” And I’m not lying. It really does have a library. Located at 23 Alexander Place, a block down the tracks from the South Royalton House. There it is below. Isn’t it quaint?


The library also offers a fine collection of books, magazines, and newspapers – certainly enough to fill the small amount of free time law school affords us students. And they also take interlibrary loan requests from other area libraries. The books fill a small and cozy reading room. Nice big windows usher in the sunlight and fresh air. A little doggie sleeps in a chair.

Of course it’s easy to download books to your e-reader, order something online, or even hit the nearest big box store (which, thankfully, is hard in Vermont). People crave convenience and options. Carry all your books on one device! Order anything you want at any time! Every book in the world at your fingertips!

But this is Vermont Law School! Number one in environmental law! “Law for the community and the world”! We can surely do better!

Your local library is by far the most sustainable option. Why waste energy and resources manufacturing clunky electronic devices that are outdated within a year or two and will then clog the landfills and pollute the environment? Why order books from a faceless online store that need to be shipped halfway across the country? And why buy any new books at all? Walk or bike to the local library and check out a book that is shared among library patrons – read and re-read until the pages yellow and the binding breaks.

Aside from finding a good mystery novel to curl up with at the end of a long night of Con Law reading, the library is a great place to feel part of the larger South Royalton community. Any time of day you will likely find a handful of residents browsing the shelves, studying at the tables, or playing on the computers. The friendly women who work there just might bend your ear about the local politics or share some town history. We should  know what’s going on in our town, not just at our school. We live in the town. We’re residents. We believe in community. It’s in our school’s motto. A library is one of the pillars of a community. The only way we can expect it to grow and flourish is to give it our business and show it that we care.


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