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Just play it cool…

There is no question more annoying to ask a 3L than “do you have a job?”  It strikes at much of the same insecurities and anxieties as the question, “do you have a date to the prom?” did all those years ago.  Ultimately, we must ask, how is it our business?  Beyond being a rather awkward conversation starter bound to put someone in a funk, it serves no purpose.  Ask about the weather or if one has seen the newest everyone email controversy, anything!

Let’s ask ourselves, why are YOU asking the question?  Do you want to be reassured that a vast majority of your class is also jobless?  Do you wish to let other folks know that you have a job?  Does it make you feel better about yourself as you watch someone’s eyes move to the floor as they say “no”?  Or is it all that you can think about?  Have you put your whole sense of self-worth into whether you have a job at this point?  Is it eating away at you that you do not fit into this narrow, rigid idea of success at this point in time?

Step back, lady/man, cuz you be stressing me out with your negativity and insecurity!

Personally, I am not worried at all about finding a job.  Maybe it is because I am a B average law student who never had a sense of entitlement that I would have a job  at this point.  That helps a lot in the peace-of-mind factor, as it turns out.  Thank you, law school, for putting things in perspective for me.  I am moving to a new city where I only know a few people.  I will get there and do the same hustle we all had to do at some point or another.  I will build a personal and professional community.  Eventually, I will get a job.  It may take three months, it may take twelve.  There will be low points and disappointments, as with other chapters in life (i.e. law school).  But, it only takes one offer.  If I were to modify RuPaul’s famous quote, I would spin it like this: if you can’t believe in yourself, how in the hell is a potential employer going to believe in you?

So please, take a deep breath, for your sake and everyone else.  Just play it cool.  If you need to, take a Stewart Smalley moment for a hot second.

I am serious, we are all going to be just fine.  😀


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