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Professors Can Help

I am from Sierra Leone where the Professor is mostly your lecturer, and that is what he/she is.  One goes to class and listens to the lecturer, and the concept of office hours or students meeting with their Professors is not really part of the deal; unless of course you’re in trouble. I am still getting used to the idea of one’s Professors being always available for questions about class or sometimes just personal life dilemmas. It took several email reminders and a bit of reprimand to get me to my VLS adviser’s office to talk about my classes and academic plans.

However, since I can hardly stay out of trouble, I actually have to go see my Professors, whether I like it or not.  I recently got myself into one of those and had to sheepishly walk into my professor’s office.  After we discussed whatever I had messed up and ended with conversations about our mutual interests, I came out realizing that all my Professors want to do is help me succeed in what I came here to do. Many of them have experiences they cannot share in class, but are willing to share during office ours. I see that my Profs. are humans, too.

It is still taking me time to make appointments and walk into Professors’ offices, but it is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone, especially International Students from countries like mine where Professors can be a little distant and mostly unavailable after class.


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