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Take a load off

Ah, what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday I had my dreaded oral argument for legal writing.  I am definitely not one for public speaking, so naturally I was pretty nervous.  I knew the material well and knew what I wanted/had to say, so really my only nervousness was stemming from getting up by myself in front of other people to speak and be the center of attention, if only for a few minutes.  Thankfully, and much to my surprise, once I got up there, it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be.  One thing that helped was that I was only up in front of three people: my classmate/opposing counsel, my legal writing professor, and a 2L volunteer judge.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had some nerves, but I think I was able to work through them enough to come across as someone competent.  And thankfully my professor video taped the whole thing, so I can relive the joy anytime I’d like (as if once wasn’t enough).  I still have a couple more days of classes, but it pretty much feels like I’m done, and only finals stand in between me and summer.  But, like everything in law school, those will be here and over with before I know it….


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