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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Library Love

I am almost always in the Vermont Law School library.  Those who don’t like libraries often think I just have too much work to do, but I go to the library even if I just have a bit of casual reading to do.  The good thing about the VLS library is that there are areas […]

What’s still ahead

I will participate in Saturday’s 2012 class graduation ceremonies as a prospective December graduate.  My joy is tempered by the fact that I still have a semester of work ahead of me, and I will not be “graduating” with the 2013 class.  That being said, this is still an extraordinary occasion, and one that my […]

There Is Always A Few Nerds Around

I took a trip to the library today, expecting it to be dead-quiet, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar faces still hanging around…and they are not even the bunch that is waiting to graduate.  The 1Ls know not to waste too much time around, but the rising 3Ls know not to […]

The Stuff of International Law

What would you do with International Law? I have been asked this question many times in the US, with an undertone implying there is really nothing one can do with International Law.  Some even go as far as saying that there is no International Law, and countries do what they like.  Sure, countries do what […]

Mount Abe With Brother Ali

My man Ali Baba and I decided to make our first trip of the year up Mount Abraham on Saturday.  It was a pleasant day and we had a fantastic time. It was a fabulous time to do it, since I am heading home soon and Ali is going to be away for the summer […]

The Picture I Promised

Yesterday I posted about the Venture Vermont Challenge my wife and I completed over the last month.  I took a picture of the terrific VIP Gold coins the Forests, Parks, and Recreation Department presented to us, which entitles us both to free entry to ALL Vermont state parks for the next two years.  Enjoy… and […]

It’s official

I have officially survived my 1L year of law school.  Today was my last in class final, and I also turned in my take home final a day early, just because i didn’t want it hanging over my head.  The 4 hour property final was a grueling way to end exams, but it doesn’t really […]

A Sad Farewell

Since last May, my wife and I have had the privilege of living on the President and Dean of Vemont Law School’s farm.  In exchange for living quarters, we care for the property’s land and animals.  It has been a terrific experience, and has forced us to be outside every day.  With Dean Shield’s now […]

What’s Free & Great About Vermont

A month before finals, my wife asked me to give her one day each weekend to go outside to enjoy Vermont in the spring.  While I was hesitant to forfeit a crucial studying day, I indulged myself to enjoy a day out each weekend with Sarah and Frankie (our dog).  It was a great decision!  […]

The Value of a JD

Looking back, many of my entries focus on the need for prospective students to consider their law school investment within the larger picture of a lousy economy and rising higher education debt.  With ten days left until commencement, I still recommend folks educate themselves, and move beyond wishful thinking.  However, if you want to be […]