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Will Miss The White River

Unlike last summer, I am spending the break home in Sierra Leone.  While I am happy to be going home after a long time, I will definitely miss summer in South Royalton.  Last summer I had a long distance internship with the Chicago Council, which allowed me to work from South Royalton. While I would have loved to be in Chicago, I did not regret my summer in South Royalton.  I spent lots of time hiking and swimming in the White River right behind the school.  If you’re going to be here this summer, you definitely want to join one of the tubing convoys.  It is one of the most amusing experiences I had this summer. Some of the details of that experience will be left out here, but tubing is something you definitely want to do; otherwise, don’t tell me you spent the summer in South Royalton.  Of course, since it is summer, all the other goodies that come with summertime were happening all over the place.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to life in West Africa and my cousins competing to do everything for me.  There is one place in the world where I get to just chill and let the younger ones take care of stuff; and that is home.


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