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My Law Career & International Law

Sometimes one makes a decision so defining, yet it never seems right depending on all other foregone options; but in life one has to decide anyway. Law school is a three year commitment and depending on what else is foregone, it is sometimes hard to think that you made a good choice, when turning the other way could have been just fine.  In my case, I already had an MA and since I really don’t want to be a traditional attorney, many people kept wondering why another three years at an institution when I could just have engaged in the public service I really wanted to do.  I know why, but some things can’t be explained.  The closest answer I can provide is that my dream is to become an International Public Servant, and after many internships with International Organizations, I realized that International Law was a fundamental part of the International System and International Public Service.

This is not to say that one can’t become an International Public Servant without International Law, but I personally believe that I can do a lot more for my country and the continent of Africa if I have a fundamental understanding of what turns the wheels of the International System.  And so it was; I surrendered three of my life to more schooling.  Relatives screamed at how long it was going to take; friends said I was going into academic exile; and others thought I had received my greedy corporate lawyer calling disguised by my claim to International Law.  I had decided!

I have just completed my second year of law school and all this is coming together.  What seemed like a thousand year is now so close that I am getting nervous about what awaits me when this is all done with, soon.  I promised myself that law school will be my last formal learning, and my wish now is that all of this education will be a vital tool for my dream of making the world a little better in my own capacity.  I have preached many times that the fundamental purpose of our education should be to help us render our fair share towards straightening the rough edges of the world.

After two years, and as I get closer to my exit stage, I have become solid in my belief that International Law has more to do on the national stage than many realize. I know it is one element that could help improve sociopolitical life on the African continent.  Ask Europeans whose source of justice has been the continental courts rather than those at home, they will attest to the fact that when the accused involves all three branches of the home government, justice is better served elsewhere. Many war lords who could easily evade justice at home now know that there are many international courts to come after them. National leaders can no longer hide behind sovereignty while they violate individual rights. Sometimes this is what people need around the world; a third party to look out for their rights. It is the stuff of International Law and that’s why I am here.


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