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Two down, two to go!

Now that I’m officially halfway through finals, its starting to settle in that first year is quickly coming to an end (though maybe not quickly enough).  It feels good to have two of my finals done and out of the way, but two more lie ahead, and they definitely won’t be easy (is there such thing as an easy law school exam? I didn’t think so…) I am happy to have Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law done, I was definitely worried about CivPro, and maybe a little less worried about ConLaw, especially as compared to last semester.  These finals were stressful in a different way than they were last semester, when it was mostly fear of the unknown.  Now I knew kind of what to expect, so there was more nervousness focused on the content.  Another fear for CivPro was that we were only allowed to have our Rules book and not our casebook.  I had relied on the cases a lot in last semesters finals, so I was nervous to not be able to refer back to those.  However, I think just having the Rules ended up working out ok.  This semesters material lent itself better to using the Federal Rules as a basis to answering the exam questions, so it wasn’t as bad as I feared.  For ConLaw, this semester’s material (Equal Protection, 1st amendment stuff, and welfare) was far more interesting to me than last semester’s commerce clause. I find myself relating more to this semester’s cases and that made it easier for me to really grasp the concepts that we were learning.  Also, I took ConLaw as an undergrad, and that focused more on individual rights and liberties, so I had a little bit of a background on this stuff.  All that lies between me and summer now is Property and Criminal Law. Crim law is a take home final, with a page limit that makes me VERY happy.  It is nice (for once) to be told “this is the maximum that you should write”, and that allows me to write what I want to say, and not feel the need to expand to fill up space.  Again, I don’t think any of these finals is easy, but I like having a take home to break up the “sit in class for 4 hours writing” thing that comes with all the other finals.  I like being able to work on my final, take a break and do something else, and come back to it later with a fresh mind.  Property is a little scary for me.  A lot of the concepts are a little foreign and confusing for me, so I’m just hoping that  I can get everything sorted out in my head before it comes time to spew out everything I know or should know from this semester. Its crazy to think that in a few days I will have officially survived my first year of law school! Scary and exciting at the same time. I am definitely looking forward to the remaining two years, mostly because we now have far more freedom to choose our classes and I can finally start taking classes that are interesting to me (sorry, but CivPro just doesn’t do it for me..).  Best of luck to everyone else that also has exams left!


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