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A Sad Farewell

Since last May, my wife and I have had the privilege of living on the President and Dean of Vemont Law School’s farm.  In exchange for living quarters, we care for the property’s land and animals.  It has been a terrific experience, and has forced us to be outside every day.  With Dean Shield’s now retiring, he will be leaving the farm, as will we.  We will miss the animals most, but I must confess not having to handle snow removal will not be missed.  I believe our dog, Frankie, will miss the farm most.  He loves being outside, and has become quite close to the donkey, Eleanor. 

Sarah and I will soon move north as I begin working for a public defense contract firm in Newport, VT.  We won’t likely be living on a farm when we move, but after this memorable year with Jeff and Genie Shields, we most certainly will strive to live on a comparable one once we get settled here in Vermont.


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