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What’s Free & Great About Vermont

A month before finals, my wife asked me to give her one day each weekend to go outside to enjoy Vermont in the spring.  While I was hesitant to forfeit a crucial studying day, I indulged myself to enjoy a day out each weekend with Sarah and Frankie (our dog).  It was a great decision!  Each week we did various things outdoors, be it at a local forest, out on the farm, or a local park.  Each and every activity was free and a great release from all things law school related.

To my delightful surprise, my wife had a greater purpose for these excursions.  Coming home from my last final, I received an envelope from the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.  Enclosed was a congratulatory letter from the Vermont State Park’s manager for completing the Venture Vermont Challenge.  My wife’s weekly outings with supporting photographs constituted the 250 points needed to earn a Gold VIP Medal entitling us to FREE day use in any Vermont State Park all the 2012 season and all of the 2013 season!  The medals are beautiful (I will take a picture and post soon!) featuring the Vermont Forests, Parks, and Recreation logo on one side, and the 2012-2013 VIP Day Entry to Vermont State Parks recognition on the other side.  So thanks to my wife’s ingenuity, the three of us will be enjoying ALL of Vermont’s gorgeous state parks for the next two years for free!  So if you are an incoming 1L, I encourage you to take heed of my advice and complete this challenge early in your spring term.  Then, you can enjoy Vermont’s State parks for the rest of your tenure here for free!


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