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There Is Always A Few Nerds Around

I took a trip to the library today, expecting it to be dead-quiet, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar faces still hanging around…and they are not even the bunch that is waiting to graduate.  The 1Ls know not to waste too much time around, but the rising 3Ls know not to just get up and leave.  While some are still working on their advanced legal writing, others were just putting some finishing touches on their summer plans.  Of course, unlike last week, smiles are now visible; exams are over and everyone is in jolly good summer mood.

I am now putting together all the documents I would need in Sierra Leone for the Jeneba Project high school we’ll be constructing this summer. [The internet is not so high speed at home]. I am also looking forward to graduation and seeing all my friends who have worked hard these past three years walk down the aisle and take their rewards for a job well done.  Otherwise, I am just enjoying the summer and having some good times with friends who are around town before heading to the equator where the time reads: GMT.


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