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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Preliminary Thoughts After the Bar

The bar exam was disgusting. But I wasn’t alone in that feeling. Across the country, my VLS friends commiserated with the feeling that we all failed, especially on the MBE. I do not feel that BarBri prepared me for that exam, and so I am glad that I didn’t spend 10 hours a day, every […]

Fighting Swans Ready for the Storm

A swan enters a bar…Okay, so I’m hoping that line is the summary of a really weird summer, and not the beginning of a really bad joke. Tomorrow, in a ballroom at the Red Lion on the Jantzen River in Portland, OR, myself and only one other fighting swan will battle our way through the […]

The trouble wit…

The trouble with studying for the bar is the stagnation that is not only expected to occur, but should be considered a highlight of the process. Too bad for many of us, stagnation damnation is not our lot for the eight weeks of bar review. I finally left my small town of South Royalton, Vermont […]