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Welcome & Welcome Back!

On this bright and blue late August morning, it is difficult to think of how different things were only a year ago. The memory of Hurricane Irene, an event that so defined my first year of law school, provides a tangible point of reference. Today, flood waters have subsided; houses have been rebuilt; (most) businesses have reopened; roads have been repaired (to varying degrees); farmers’ fields have flourished; and the first week of classes has commenced without delay.

The first week of classes is always welcome. At that point, the semester contains much potential and discovery. I find it exciting; I am energized, and not yet exhausted. I am calm, and not yet crazy. But I am anxious to have all my class and activity schedules in hand so that I may allocate my time over the next 15 weeks.

Interestingly, last year, as a 1L, I was told repeatedly that the first semester of law school was the hardest. Then, the first year; and that everything would be better once I became a 2L. While I can believe the former, I doubt the latter because now a 2L, the line has again changed. This semester has become the craziest, the hardest. But, don’t worry, I hear, everything is downhill from here. Oh really.

Regardless of whether I currently face the final ascent or the penultimate one, I am very thankful to be a 2L. What was new and strange a year ago, is now familiar. There is less concern and confusion and greater confidence that I can (and will) make it through law school. Take heart, 1Ls, you too can survive.


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