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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Eight Weeks Left

In eight weeks, my tenure at VLS will come to an end.  A 3L, I am graduating a semester early so I will soon be studying, not for finals, but the February bar exam.  The end is bitter sweet.  After all, we come to law school, not to stay, but to leave and practice law. […]

Entertaining the Gang

Gradually catching up to life as I have taken out my DJ equipment for the first time and entertained the masses, again.  I love to DJ and keep people high on the dance floor.  It is good to be the one selecting what song is needed to heighten the mood in the club.  I also […]

Not Knowing the New Comers

A major disadvantage of not being around at the beginning of school is arriving as a total stranger, especially when all your classmates have gone on Semester in Practice.  All I do these days is walk around campus pretending to belong here, too.  All the first years look at me like I am some alien, […]