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Not Knowing the New Comers

A major disadvantage of not being around at the beginning of school is arriving as a total stranger, especially when all your classmates have gone on Semester in Practice.  All I do these days is walk around campus pretending to belong here, too.  All the first years look at me like I am some alien, simply because throughout their first week, I was not around. VLS is a small community, so by the second week, you have at least seem everyone once.

However, it helps to be a student leader.  I have met a few cool first year students and I am beginning to feel like I belong here.  But no matter the acquaintances, it is beginning to feel like my time here is coming to an end.  The newcomers are taking over and I have become the minority.  It is also really hard to concentrate when all your friends do on facebook is update about their cool placements.  Maybe I should have gone on Semester in Practice, just so I am not one of the few oldie third year wandering this place.


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