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Monthly Archives: November 2012

VLS Applied Human Rights Fellowship

What I really do around here is International Law, and this year I am one of four students serving as Applied Human Rights Fellows for the Vermont Law School International Law program.  Now, this is pretty cool.  Since there are only four of us, we get to interact closely with Professor Farrior, and what that […]


It is normal and usual that when thanksgiving comes around, most people look forward to food , the games and parades on TV, family, etc.  I look forward to that, too.  But what keeps me on my toes for thanksgiving is the opportunity to go swimming in Providence. Over the past couple of years, my […]

Favorite Memory #2: 1L Thanksgiving in SoRo

My first Thanksgiving at VLS was spent with other 1Ls and their significant others who stayed around SoRo for the holiday.  For anyone reading this that has been a 1L, they realize why we all stuck around.  But despite all the studying that still needed to be done to prepare for our first round of […]

Favorite Memory #1 – VLS Students CAN be Politically Active

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would take the opportunity to post some of my favorite memories about VLS during these, my final weeks as a student.  Now that the election season has passed, I thought the first good memory to share regards student political involvement at VLS.  Students are uniquely positioned to […]

Melodies For Jeneba

This year we hosted the Second Annual Melodies for Jeneba.  The event brought together classical musicians among the student body and we also invited a few local musicians for an evening of international food and a wide variety of classical music, to fundraise for the Jeneba Project.  Like last year, the event was an amazing […]