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Melodies For Jeneba

This year we hosted the Second Annual Melodies for Jeneba.  The event brought together classical musicians among the student body and we also invited a few local musicians for an evening of international food and a wide variety of classical music, to fundraise for the Jeneba Project.  Like last year, the event was an amazing success.  A large number of students came out to share the meal and the music.  This year’s event was held at the local Journey Church in order to give students the opportunity of experiencing other areas of the South Royalton community.

On behalf of the Jeneba Project, I am grateful to my classmates, Rachel Stevens, Katie Johnson, and Billy Beard for organizing.  Together we are grateful to all the students who helped organize the event.  We also thank local businesses that sponsored the event.  We hope the new class will bring you the third annual melodies next year.  We look forward to the reggae jam in the spring.


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