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Favorite Memory #1 – VLS Students CAN be Politically Active

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would take the opportunity to post some of my favorite memories about VLS during these, my final weeks as a student.  Now that the election season has passed, I thought the first good memory to share regards student political involvement at VLS.  Students are uniquely positioned to become actively involved because the Vermont legislature is so small and because the school is so close to New Hampshire.  Two years ago, I helped register voters in Vermont, and in doing so, helped elect South Royalton’s state representative.  Sarah Buxton, who won that election, proved invaluable to our community following Tropical Storm Irene, as she directed resources and inspired community response to the relief effort.

Nationally, both Republicans and Democrats alike from VLS were actively engaged in this year’s political election.  Being only 15 miles from the NH border, many VLSers canvassed for each candidate, and made phone calls to likely voters across New Hampshire on behalf of their candidate.  President Obama personally thanked me and other VLSers for our work on his campaign, and had I not come to VLS, I would have likely never been asked to work on a Presidential campaign.


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