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Favorite Memory #2: 1L Thanksgiving in SoRo

My first Thanksgiving at VLS was spent with other 1Ls and their significant others who stayed around SoRo for the holiday.  For anyone reading this that has been a 1L, they realize why we all stuck around.  But despite all the studying that still needed to be done to prepare for our first round of finals as law students, for that day we took time away from the books to celebrate the holiday together.

That Thanksgiving at VLS, even though far from home, was very special … and perhaps my most memorable.  We all shared in what we were thankful for, brought dishes that each was accustomed to having at their own family’s holiday meal, and enjoyed being in the company of one another.  So as we all begin to celebrate this Thanksgiving, I find my first Thanksgiving at VLS as one of my favorite memories as a student here.


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