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It is normal and usual that when thanksgiving comes around, most people look forward to food , the games and parades on TV, family, etc.  I look forward to that, too.  But what keeps me on my toes for thanksgiving is the opportunity to go swimming in Providence.

Over the past couple of years, my friend Alicia Wells has been generous to invite me to her parents’ home for thanksgiving on the Island.  Even though it is November, the sight of the Atlantic pulls me for a swim, so I do.  It is not quite the polar bear plunge, since unlike Norway, the sea is not a frozen lake.  In fact, this year felt so warm (relative to what it can be) that I actually jumped in twice.  After that ritual, I was not only ready for the stuffing part of this whole business of American Thanksgiving, I think I was refreshed and energized for the other half of the semester. Well, maybe it did nothing other than make me freeze, but in my head I was energized, and that counts for something in law school.


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