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Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Costly Shame Spiral

There’s not much shame in failing. The problem with failing is that you have to do something again if it was worth trying in the first place. Sometimes, you have to internalize a lot of costs because of the failure. That can be worse than shame, because then there is even more pressure to finish […]

Favorite Memory of All – The Spirit of the VLS Community in Response to Irene

Among my many fond memories of VLS, the most enduring is our community’s response to Tropical Storm Irene.  Our town and greater valley area was greatly impacted, some losing their homes.  Our school was also impacted, having to cancel the first few days of fall classes.  Still, with our students, faculty, and staff dealing with […]

Student Appreciation Day!

Dean J’s chicken always makes me feel appreciated! I have previously written about our professors giving us food on the first and second day of exams to appreciate us.  Now this act of kindness will never get old, especially when you are in your first year and you’re about to face that monster called your […]

Study Days: Too Short

Classes end, you party, there is a weekend to recover, and two days later the reckoning.  Ideally, study days should be for review of things one have learned over the semester…but that is why that is the ideal.  Realistically, you want to now pass the exams, so you want to study harder, book cover to […]

Favorite Memory #3 – The VLS Cafe

VLS is a small school.  We are a wholly independent law school, and as such, we have to be creative in much that we do.  One of our most intuitive examples of this is in how the school provides breakfast and lunch to its students… through the VLS Cafe. With support from student tuition, the […]

Engaging the world, outside SoRo

A few weeks ago I was invited by a former VLS professor to attend a panel at the Brookings Institute relating to my work with girls education in developing countries.  One thing I have learnt, or managed at least, is how to balance my school work with my work for the Jeneba Project.  It has […]