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Engaging the world, outside SoRo

A few weeks ago I was invited by a former VLS professor to attend a panel at the Brookings Institute relating to my work with girls education in developing countries.  One thing I have learnt, or managed at least, is how to balance my school work with my work for the Jeneba Project.  It has been quite difficult juggling the two, but I have come so far.  The sad part is that I am often away from school during weekends for fundraisers in remote places across America.  That’s the happy part.  The sad part is that I am always missing weekend social events with my friends around here.  However, many of my friends understand and assist in what I do.  Thank god for those who drive me to stations at odd ours of the morning.

The Brookings panel took place in DC, so it was nice to be in a city after many weeks of SoRo.  It gets darker early now, which makes it a difficult to handle.  So, sometimes going to big cities with bright lights, and quite quickly after thanksgiving, Christmas lights, one feels a different kind of life.  I love the calm of SoRo, though.  Thank god I can walk to school here and not have to swipe for everything I do.


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