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Study Days: Too Short

Classes end, you party, there is a weekend to recover, and two days later the reckoning.  Ideally, study days should be for review of things one have learned over the semester…but that is why that is the ideal.  Realistically, you want to now pass the exams, so you want to study harder, book cover to book cover, but suddenly you actually have to go figure the rest out in the finals hall.

You have heard about my personal exam phobias over the years, but I actually do better when I study slowly, and in a relaxed matter.  The two-day study period makes me feel like amageddon is hanging above me and a slight withdrawal from my study table is the weighted side of the see-saw and I’m going to be catapulted to hell.

All I am saying is that a study week won’t be a shabby idea.  Maybe some students might get antsy, but how about the rest of us.  But then again, the world is on the move and maybe I should join the pace.


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