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Fresh start feels good.

So, last semester I was supposed to be on a semester in practice through VLS in D.C. Unfortunately, plans changed quick when my mom was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer. I made the decision to take a semester “off” and stay to help my mom while she did chemotherapy. We were wildly blessed, and my mom is now done with chemo and cancer-free. But, I have had a pretty rough time during all that. I was greatly supported by the school, and my SiP employer and I will be going back there to finish my JD next fall instead.


I have been asked a lot how it feels to be back. It seems that everyone was thinking good thoughts for my mom and I. I am still dealing with some residual stress from my time away, but I am mostly elated to be back in SoRo because I love this town, and I have been so happy to have my friends and my familiar life back.


I won’t be graduating until after my SiP in the fall, and I will be taking the bar in February. There’s a lot to figure out till then, but I am just thankful that VLS is so supportive in helping me make it to the finish line!


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