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I love law prom.

So, there’s this awesome thing in law school called prom. At VLS we call it the Barrister’s Ball. This year’s theme was a masquerade. It’s just another thing to make law school feel like High School. But, it’s better in law school because you are expected to just go with your friends, and you don’t have to sneak in alcohol, there are drinks served at the dance! This year was my third, and by far my favorite law prom. Every year it’s held in Burlington on the water front a the Hilton. My mom made my dress, my friend bought me a mask, and I danced my booty off!


I started it off by getting ready for dinner by just putting on my make-up. Then my girlfriend and another friend of ours went to the Farmhouse close to the Hilton. We had amazing beers and a YUMMY farm-to-plate dinner. Then we went back to the hotel and put our dresses on. When we got downstairs to where the dance is there was a professional photographer taking pictures. We showed our ID’s and get wristbands and then took silly pictures with the professional photographer. When we got inside the dance floor was set up and I did not stop dancing for the next four hours!

When the dance was over, everyone shuffled in to taxis and we danced even more at Red Square, a bar in Burlington. I only had water to drink and was pretty tired and ready to go really soon. I slept so hard that night!

In the morning we went to Magnolia’s for breakfast, which is another restaurant in Burlington that does awesome local and organic food. I had a vegetarian eggs benedict and it was sooo yummy. We made it back to SoRo by 1pm and I worked on homework for the rest of my Sunday.

Long story short, I love me some law prom.



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    Ok you seriously just gave me something to look forward to. I need to see if my school does this. P.S. OBSESSED with your dress.

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