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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Day 15

Another slow day.  My boss was in a meeting for the morning, so I just sort of hung around, not doing much again. I was really frustrated so I sent her an email letter her know I was feeling useless with nothing to do. Around noon, one of the other ladies in the office (I […]

Day 5

Man, what a difference a day can make.  Yesterday I was pretty down and just totally overwhelmed with being here.  I knew I just had to get through the weekend, even when i was in Berlin sometimes the weekends were tough. Today, I headed to work a little early, and ended up sitting around for […]

Day 3 and 4

So, my first weekend in Beijing.  Not going how I planned, but what can you do.  I was hoping to check out the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square yesterday, but couldn’t figure out how to buy a subway ticket.  I figured out where i needed to go, which stops I had to take and which […]

Day 2

So after an amazingly long 12 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling pretty good.  I was a little rushed to get ready to head to work, thinking I would be walking the 20-ish minutes to get there.  However, I talked to the front desk people and they were like “no no, take taxi” so […]

First day in China!

After a long 24 hours, I am finally in China! The trip over wasn’t too bad, just very long and frustrating.  I was at least able to sleep a little on the flight from London to Beijing, but not nearly enough to count as a full night or even a good nap.  After some difficulties, […]

What goes around. . .

Four years ago, the VLS class of 2009 graduated on this very day. That calls for a bit of navel gazing to say the least! Looking back  on the days festivities,  I can recall the feeling of euphoria, untested expectation and overall anxiety about the things to come. I felt as if I had finally […]