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What goes around. . .

Four years ago, the VLS class of 2009 graduated on this very day. That calls for a bit of navel gazing to say the least! Looking back  on the days festivities,  I can recall the feeling of euphoria, untested expectation and overall anxiety about the things to come. I felt as if I had finally tapped into something bigger than myself, and today I can soberly say that I had.  The hooding, the ceremony and the somber scramble to clear my apartment of books, furniture and memories was just the beginning of a mad dash into the future.

There have been some remarkable highlights since those days.  And there have been some well documented low-lights, shared with graduates of that year, across schools; which include a staggering jobless rate, mass firings of seasoned professionals and the disheveling of an entire class of mentors by offers that were not extended or those extended and retracted in the face of unprecedented restructuring, hiring freezes, and other unnatural economic disasters.  The professional internship, replaced the time honored apprenticeship.

Four years later I look back at graduation day and say that the greatest asset I have now is same one I had then. My law school friends, and the professors who helped me sort through my thoughts, all of the folks I laughed with, cried with, stayed up all night with who instantly became my colleagues. They are the people who care about the person behind the bullet points on my resume, the summers in interesting place A and the classes in exotic locale B. They are my network because in as many years we have fanned out across the globe to government agencies, firms, judicial clerkships, solo practice and the nuanced non -profit universe.  They have given me leads, recommended me for interviews and in my case in particular introduced me to my fiancé. 

I owe them, and VLS, the place that connected us. In exchange for all they have freely given I will always open doors for those who have come behind me. I have been the beneficiary of a deep kindness that I am happily obliged to  pass along. As such I have and will continue to share the leads, recommend those who have traveled through the same halls, for the same and different reasons. In short, what comes around goes around.



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