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Day 5

Man, what a difference a day can make.  Yesterday I was pretty down and just totally overwhelmed with being here.  I knew I just had to get through the weekend, even when i was in Berlin sometimes the weekends were tough. Today, I headed to work a little early, and ended up sitting around for an hour before my boss got there.  She was super busy with things, so she was only able to briefly explain what she wanted me to help her with.  Another day, and another 1L flashback.  This time, it was contracts. Since I did MUCH better in contracts than I did in CivPro, I figured this would be no problem.  However, she needed help basically explain to non-lawyers how to write a good contract.  Hard to believe that in just two years of law school, I have forgotten what it’s like to not have a lawyer’s brain.

I was supposed to meet up with the girl from Maine at the office, but somehow we missed each other at lunch time.  I ended up going out to eat with my boss and one of her coworkers, and a guy from Finland that splits his time between Beijing and the international greenpeace office in Amsterdam (or at least, thats what I think the situation is… i know he’s only here for a few weeks at a time). Anyway, it was nice to have lunch with them and talk about some things that I had been wanting to find out about. I had a good lunch of some kind of soup and fried rice with mystery meat and shrimp.  Thank god for the soup, other wise I would still be hungry.  As soon as i ordered the soup i though “oh god, HOW am i going to eat this?!” thinking that I would only get chopsticks.  Much to my delight, I got a soup spoon. Which i ended up hanging on tight to so that I could eat my rice at normal pace.  This caused my boss to laugh, but i told her i was so bad with chopsticks, this was my only chance.

After lunch, my boss, the Finnish guy, and I went to check out a place for gym memberships, as we had both discussed wanted to find an affordable gym.  We find a pretty swanky place, but its very close to work.  After a lot of haggling, thanks to my boss, we were both able to get the kind of membership we wanted a pretty good price.  I ended up paying 500RMB a month, which is about $80, but considering a normal membership requires a 1 year contract plus a joining fee and processing fee, on top of the 700RMB a month, i’m very happy.  Definitely more than i pay at home, but its also a nicer gym, with all the free classes I want to take.

Even more exciting than the gym membership, after lunch I finally secured my housing! I am going to rent my boss’s apartment for the next month (at a steal, which is so helpful), then i’m going to move into the girl from maine’s room as she is leaving in mid-June until sometime in August.   Thank God i finally got this sorted out, and not a moment too soon, as my hotel reservation ends after tonight.  So I get to spend my evening/night repacking my stuff (which will be no small feat) and then dragging it all to the office in the morning.  That part hopefully won’t be too bad, as I have to take a taxi there with it all… there is absolutely no way i could drag it all to the office by foot. Anyway, off to wrestle with my chopsticks and try to eat some dinner, then off to wrestle with my suitcases.  It is still weird for me to deal with the 12 hour time difference… I am adjusted to the time here, but its so weird to sit here all day and not get any emails, or anything, but then make up to a ton of new stuff online. Or to wake up to the Red Sox final score. So so strange….


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