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day 30

Officially 1/3 of the way through my time here!

I could really get used to weeks like this: 4 days off, one day of work, and then another 2 days off. I like it. Today we had a guest lecturer at work, which was really great. He is a US attorney who has been in China for a couple years teaching. I had a good talk with him before he gave his lecture, and it was really interesting. He used to work really closely with one of the professors at VLS, who I will be taking a class from this fall. He also worked with litigation in the EPA and he litigated the first and longest Superfund case, so the guy clearly knows his stuff. I told him about my plans to do an internship at NOAA in the spring, and he thought it sounded like a great idea and seemed very positive about them.

He gave he really great talk about international environmental law, focusing on climate change. He basically thinks that, unlike what a lot of people are saying, we’ve already gone “too far” and regardless of what we do, we are still going to face serious loss as a result of climate change. He thinks we can do things to help stop climate change and turn back the clock so to speak, but even if we do that we will still face problems. He also thinks it doesn’t matter what any other country does, if the US and China can’t work together to come to an agreement about climate change, we’re totally screwed. It was a little depressing, but also very informative lecture. It was also really nice to talk to him beforehand and during the lecture he kept telling everyone “if you have questions about this, just talk to Kate.” Not sure if anyone will, but it was kind of cool nonetheless that he thinks that highly of VLS and the kind of education I’m getting there.

After the lecture I went and grabbed some lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon reading up about my research project. When I got to work this morning, I found someone else’s stuff at my desk, and my laptop had been set on my boss’s desk, so today I was relegated to one of the back desks of a lady who was gone for the day. My boss is leaving tomorrow for a 3 week business trip, so I will be using her desk while she’s gone. No idea where I’ll go when she gets back, since now all the desks in the back room are full, but thats 3 weeks away, so I’m sure they’ll figure something out (or I’ll get stuck in the back back room… at least there are couches back there).

Now I am back at the apartment, hanging around waiting for Kira to finish up at work so I can move over to her place. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to settle in a little, it will be nice to know that for the next 2 months I’ll be staying in one spot. I’d love to stay here for the rest of the time, this apartment is amazing and in such a great spot, but Kira’s place isn’t too far away, and it will be nice to have roommates who can hopefully help me out with things that I’m struggling with (like eating normal food).


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