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Day 41

Another rainy morning. I guess I was so concerned about walking to work in the rain that I got ready and left without really looking at the clock. When I did, I realized I had left half an hour early, so I got to work at 9 instead of 9:30.  Oh well, I figured I’d just leave earlier, which I did. More of the same at work, I was able to finish up my copyright/trademark stuff and mostly finished my other assignment about government information. Neither of those are really my areas of interest, but I just have to keep reminding myself (or trying to convince myself) that it will be helpful to everyone at Greenpeace. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the copyright stuff was basically creating a handbook or guidelines for all the non-lawyers at Greenpeace who might run the risk of infringing on trademarks/copyrights/data privacy protection laws. So again, not my cup of tea, but hopefully I’m creating something that can help people avoid legal issues in the future. The other thing I was working on is looking at US and Chinese laws to see how each deals with “government information” and its disclosure. Again, the Freedom of Information Act is not my wheelhouse, but somehow I’m sure this will all be helpful.

I was starting to get nervous about being able to complete everything on time before my boss got back, but having 2 (almost 3) of my 4 assignments done at this point makes me feel better. I emailed my boss to let her know about some of my concerns about my other project, the biggest, but I still haven’t heard from her, which I was kind of expecting. Its a really interesting topic, about a new amendment to Chinese law that will (hopefully) make it easier for people to sue companies that are destroying the environment, but the amendment was just enacted this year and I’m not finding any cases or interpretations of the law yet.  I have found some interesting articles, so hopefully I can come up with something that is what my boss is looking for. One of my big concerns is she wants it to be a 15-25 page paper, and given the lack of information and my writing style (to the point), I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hit the 15 page mark. Oh well.

I left work early, and if it looked like 9pm when I left yesterday, it looked like the middle of the night today! It was SO dark out, and I was terrified that it was pouring rain outside. When I got outside, it was just drizzling, it had clearly been raining harder earlier. I made it most of the way without rain, then it starting raining harder. I was close to home, and it starting thundering and lightning. Luckily I made it home before it got too crazy. I skipped the gym today because I realized it messed with my internal clock, and while its always nice to workout after work, its throws me off and I end up eating later, staying up later, and getting less sleep. I’m still trying to kick this cold, so hopefully cutting back on the gym will let me catch up on sleep.


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