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Day 43

Well, once again I didn’t get as much sleep as I had hoped, but it was for a good reason. I was SO happy and excited to see the Supreme Court rule the right way on DOMA. It blows my mind that it has been in place since 1996, and no one has challenged it, at least not all the way to the Supreme Court. It seems to obvious to me that it cuts against everything the Equal Protection Clauses of the 5th (and 14th) Amendment stands for. As I expected, they stayed away from any big decisions in the Prop 8 case, but I have to say I was totally shocked by the Justices on the majority for that one… Roberts, Scalia, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kagan. Thats got to be one of the first times that line up has shown up on a case.

Anyway, I headed to work this morning, and of course read the opinion for the DOMA case. It was a long one, but I guess it was well written. I was kind of hoping Ginsburg would write the majority… she is my favorite justice, and I still think its cool that she started working for the ACLU and argued one of the major gender equality cases before the Supreme Court (I forget which one, but whatever). Plus, she is so little and adorable with her big ruffly lace thing that she always wears.  Naturally, Scalia’s scathing dissent was amusing, except for the fact that he actually believes (I think) the things he says. Which I don’t understand. Either way, its very exciting to know that such a landmark case has been decided, and hopefully in 50 years people will be just as appalled as my generation is that such things were banned not that long ago.

After reading that opinion, I set in on my final project. Its definitely an interesting project, but like I’ve said before, I’m not sure I’m going to get a 25 page paper out of it. It is still cool to search for stuff about it, and constantly see VLS professor’s names pop up.  Especially when reading an article about a major case on standing in environmental citizen suits, and having them constantly refer to your property teacher’s amicus brief.

It’s amazing the difference that humidity makes in the weather. Yesterday, I left the apartment to walk to work and my weather app said it was 72 degrees. I thought oh, that’ll be great, I won’t be too hot when I get there. I forgot to look and see that the humidity was over 85%. Yeah, definitely was a little sweaty when I got to work. Today, I saw that it was 81 degrees when I left, but luckily the humidity was a much more manageable 30%. Much nicer walk to work, that’s for sure. But the pollution was crazy high today (again). Its funny to look at the warnings the EPA issues in the US… yesterday there was an advisory or whatever for most of Maine… they expected levels to be between 100 and 150. Yesterday (and today), levels in Beijing were nearly 300. Definitely crazy to think of all the junk I’m inhaling on a daily basis. At least I don’t live here full time, I can’t imagine a lifetime of breathing this stuff. At least I know that sooner or later (well, specifically in 47ish days), I will be back in New England and breathing clean(er) air once again.


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