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Day 47

Well, I’m officially on the downhill side of my time in Beijing. I feel like it will go fast (I hope) since I literally just have the whole month of July and two weeks in August then I’m out. I know thats the same amount of time I’ve already spent here, but something about it being confined to a calender month and two weeks makes it seem less daunting. I don’t know.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday, hence no blog. Seriously, I was woken up by the cleaning lady wanting to sweep and clean my room, so I went downstairs and messed around on the internet for awhile, had breakfast, and just as I was going to head back up, the cleaning lady finished and I finally got the wireless network. I came back to my room and pretty much watched TV shows all day. I discovered I can watch shows through my Comcast account online. Now if only I could access my DVR from the internet, life would be near perfect.

Today at work was the same old thing, working on my research project. And again finding article after article written by VLS faculty. I know I’ve said it a million times, but I think its really cool that I go to a school full of people who are the leading scholars in environmental law and many other things. Nothing like reading an article discussing 30 years of the citizen suit written by a guy that you serve coffee to almost everyday. The project is coming along better than I thought it would, I’m already up to 10 pages. Not sure how much more I can squeeze out, but I think thats a decent start. This is my last week on my own, and I have to say I’m kind of getting used to it. Hopefully I either get another big project or more frequent assignments once my boss is back, because I kind of enjoy not having her here. Not that I don’t like her, its just nice to be able to do my own thing.

It wasn’t too hot out today, but very muggy. Its been on the verge of raining all day. I guess because of that, or something else, everyone in the office suddenly realized we had AC. Seriously, normally when “someone turns on the AC,” they set it to like, 2 degrees cooler than it is in the room. Not that I prefer the frigid AC like in Florida, but I feel like if you’re going to turn on a machine and use the electricity, at least make it a little cooler than that. Anyway, I think every time someone walked by where they keep the remote the change the AC temp, they lowered it. I might get more of an impact from it since my desk is pretty much right underneath it, but it was definitely cooler in our room than it has been the whole time I’ve been here. Then, when I went to get lunch, I had to walk through the next room over, and they had the AC even lower! Seriously, it was SO cold in that room, I don’t know how no one was freezing! Kind of funny timing for everyone to want it to be cooler, because I was just talking about how weird they are with the AC here.

After work I headed to the gym and was able to get in a good workout. I love that I sat at my desk all day trying to talk myself into going. I never want to go, but once I’m there I’m glad I went. On the way home, it started to drizzle a little, but I had an umbrella, and it wasn’t raining that hard so it wasn’t bad. I stopped at the French bakery for dinner (I figured I worked off my lunch at the gym, plus when I walk home from the gym, I have to take a detour and walk further than normal to get to the bakery, so I figure all that walking balances out the food I get). I got this “garlic pastry”… and am I excited. I love garlic, and this thing is literally a piece of flaky crust, with like 7 garlic cloves on it. They are all mushy and smelly and it looks really yummy. Thankfully I likely won’t be seeing anyone, so no one will have to deal with my impending nasty breath.


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