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Author Archives: benkaifala

Student Appreciation Day!

Dean J’s chicken always makes me feel appreciated! I have previously written about our professors giving us food on the first and second day of exams to appreciate us.  Now this act of kindness will never get old, especially when you are in your first year and you’re about to face that monster called your […]

Study Days: Too Short

Classes end, you party, there is a weekend to recover, and two days later the reckoning.  Ideally, study days should be for review of things one have learned over the semester…but that is why that is the ideal.  Realistically, you want to now pass the exams, so you want to study harder, book cover to […]

Engaging the world, outside SoRo

A few weeks ago I was invited by a former VLS professor to attend a panel at the Brookings Institute relating to my work with girls education in developing countries.  One thing I have learnt, or managed at least, is how to balance my school work with my work for the Jeneba Project.  It has […]

VLS Applied Human Rights Fellowship

What I really do around here is International Law, and this year I am one of four students serving as Applied Human Rights Fellows for the Vermont Law School International Law program.  Now, this is pretty cool.  Since there are only four of us, we get to interact closely with Professor Farrior, and what that […]


It is normal and usual that when thanksgiving comes around, most people look forward to food , the games and parades on TV, family, etc.  I look forward to that, too.  But what keeps me on my toes for thanksgiving is the opportunity to go swimming in Providence. Over the past couple of years, my […]

Melodies For Jeneba

This year we hosted the Second Annual Melodies for Jeneba.  The event brought together classical musicians among the student body and we also invited a few local musicians for an evening of international food and a wide variety of classical music, to fundraise for the Jeneba Project.  Like last year, the event was an amazing […]

Entertaining the Gang

Gradually catching up to life as I have taken out my DJ equipment for the first time and entertained the masses, again.  I love to DJ and keep people high on the dance floor.  It is good to be the one selecting what song is needed to heighten the mood in the club.  I also […]

Not Knowing the New Comers

A major disadvantage of not being around at the beginning of school is arriving as a total stranger, especially when all your classmates have gone on Semester in Practice.  All I do these days is walk around campus pretending to belong here, too.  All the first years look at me like I am some alien, […]

The Game Began Without me

Going home is always good, but it is sometimes tricky for me to get back into the states.  After many years of living in the US and being a student at Vermont Law School, getting a student visa is not a problem; it is getting on the visa interview schedule that is the issue.  It […]

Library Love

I am almost always in the Vermont Law School library.  Those who don’t like libraries often think I just have too much work to do, but I go to the library even if I just have a bit of casual reading to do.  The good thing about the VLS library is that there are areas […]