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Author Archives: Lisa Campion

I grew up in Fraser, MI. I graduated from Michigan state University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife and Environmental Science and Management and from Vermont Law School with my Masters in Environmental Law and Policy and Juris Doctor 2011.

Through my journeys, I’ve traveled to Antarctica, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Argentina, Alaska and around the US for various academic and career positions. In these travels, I’ve worked as a commercial fisherman to working for the Chief Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Fisheries in New Zealand on aquaculture legislation. My research has focused on agricultural energy and Arctic oil and gas issues. I’m now a general practice attorney at Martin & Associates, a central Vermont law firm, located in Barre, Vermont.

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors with my Irish setter, Rock. I like to hunt, camp, fish, hike, snow machine, off-roading, and more.

Bar Prep

So I’ve started the Bar Bri Early Mobile Start Program for Alaska since I have to travel to Alaska and then to DC for a few days in June so that I make sure that I stay on schedule with everyone else based on all this traveling.  I received a box of 30 pounds of […]

All the little details…

So now one can really prepare you for all the little details that go into graduating and transitioning to the “real life.”  I think I’m handling everything really well, but my “to do list” is so long!  I just keep chipping away at everything.  But really, there is so much to do.  If you don’t […]

Commencement Tabling

I’m sitting in the Chase Breezeway tabling for all good things “Commencement.”  The Committee has been working since last Spring to put everything together for our special day!  Today is the first major tabling event where we are trying to reach as many graduates to get them informed about everything that is going on.  We’ve […]

Legal Arguements

Last week, I completed my second Criminal Procedure & Practice argument.  The first argument I felt like I bombed it!  I was very nervous, stuttering, and couldn’t focus.  However, this time I felt like I knew every part of my argument, responded to the judges in a respectful and thoughtful manner, and felt that I […]

Court Experience

Working at the South Royalton Legal Clinic is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as part of my legal education.  Prior to being a student clinician, I didn’t have actual in-court experience nor did I have experience working with clients on a regular basis.  The Legal Clinic has taught me through an intensive in-class training […]

Spring Break

Wow…it’s been a little while.  This semester is fantastic!  I couldn’t ask for a better set of practical coursework.  I’m taking nonprofit law, criminal procedure and practice, advanced legal analysis, and the South Royalton Legal Clinic.  So far in my legal career, I focused quite a bit on environmental law courses.  But, this semester I wanted […]

Closer to the End

Today is my last day of classes for my last fall semester of school ever!  I’m really excited!  I cannot wait to graduate – only 162 days left.  I’ve been going to school straight since I’ve been 5 years old with breaks that always pertained to internships, semester in practice, etc.  So I’m really ready […]

Final Stretch

It’s been so long since I’ve posted!  Last time, I was getting ready for the MPRE.  I still haven’t received my scores, but they should be coming soon.  Wish me luck!  The semester is wrapping up pretty nicely.  I’ve got way too many papers to write, but other than that it’s going well.  I’ve really […]

MPRE Studying

Today, I just started studying for the MPRE (Multi-State Professional Responsibility Test).  I’m using Themis as an online preparation course while reading the Model Rules and the outline they provide.  It seems to be pretty simple so far, but I’m wondering how I will do once I get to the sample exam.  I have to score […]

Keeping Up

This semester has been quite laid back compared to the last three years that I’ve been here.  It seems that since I’ve gotten back from my semester in practice and summer that I have a different mind-set.  Instead of “worrying” about every little thing and making it seem like a “big deal,” now I just […]