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Author Archives: danamay

The Value of a JD

Looking back, many of my entries focus on the need for prospective students to consider their law school investment within the larger picture of a lousy economy and rising higher education debt.  With ten days left until commencement, I still recommend folks educate themselves, and move beyond wishful thinking.  However, if you want to be […]

Just play it cool…

There is no question more annoying to ask a 3L than “do you have a job?”  It strikes at much of the same insecurities and anxieties as the question, “do you have a date to the prom?” did all those years ago.  Ultimately, we must ask, how is it our business?  Beyond being a rather […]


In an email sent by the dean a few weeks ago, he told the VLS community: The 2013 Best Grad Schools rankings were released by US News today.  VLS placed among the nation’s top programs in a number of areas, environmental  law (rank 1st), dispute resolution (rank 16th), clinical training (rank 23rd), law schools where law firms tend to recruit (rank 96th–out of more than 200). […]

People see what you post!

I know, this is stating the obvious.  Certainly, as adults in the age of social networking websites, we have caught on to a basic etiquette of how to conduct ourselves online.  Evidence seems to suggest otherwise, however. I am not talking about people expressing their political/social/personal views on subjects that contribute to “the marketplace of ideas” that […]

The “Bullying Trial” Verdict

After reading Mr. Parker’s New Yorker article on the case resulting Tyler Clementi’s suicide, I was led to believe that Ravi would be acquitted of most of the charges against him.  Turns out, the jury found him guilty of 24 of the 35. Ravi, at the very least, engaged in some immature and insensitive behavior […]

The last spring break

Unless I become a school teacher or end up in academia, I will never have a formal spring break again. Not that I am spending this break treating myself by getting away from it all.  No, I dare say I need this week to tackle some of the major projects on my list of things […]

Scalia: “Don’t work too hard, move to Cleveland.”

Justice Scalia’s pearls of wisdom at Above the Law struck me this morning. Yes, lawyers should seek a work/life balance, and as someone who grew up in Medina County (south of Cleveland), I think it is worth acknowledging that there are places worth living other than New York or San Francisco.  It also makes sense […]

A Mild Winter

A lot of people look forward to Vermont winters.  Many of my peers buy ski passes and/or just know how to have a good time with a few feet of the white stuff on the ground.  Last year was a great year for it.  I went cross country skiing quite a few times on free […]

A Convert

I used to view gyms as one of many gathering points for the alienation for modern humanity.  I could not separate the action of running on a treadmill with the image of a hamster running in a wheel, or going some place to do what could be done in the great outdoors. Perhaps this aversion […]

The Last Semester

Finally, snow settled on what has been a brown and sometimes wet South Royalton ground these past this week.  Everyone, back from their respective vacation spots, can partake in their long awaited winter activities.  One classmate showed up to estates already in his snow pants in preparation for hopping in his car and hitting the […]