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Author Archives: dsbougie

A long summer swiftly closed

Outside, cool winds are blowing over the leaf sprinkled grass and rippling the surface of the White River.  The partly overcast day lets skylights of sun down to the earth to play over the hills and vales of South Royalton.  When the solar spotlight falls across the green outside the library windows the summer instincts […]

2nd Verse Same as the 1st?

As this semester began, some older students cautioned against any feeling of accomplishment for making it through the first semester.  They would warn that the work only gets tougher and more voluminous.  I nodded in apparent understanding of their admonishments.  I had heard that it doesn’t get any easier; one just learns how to manage, […]

Attempted Blog

We are four weeks into the second semester.  In many ways it was more difficult to get the gears going this time around than it was in the fall.  Of course, when the school year began we had come from an intense weeklong orientation and were all aquiver with anxious suspense.  That suspense is drawn […]


It’s the last week of regular classes and everything is crazy.  It’s still raining in December.  Students are mumbling things to themselves while pacing the halls.  I am always between worry, fright, despair, and anxiety – if there is any real ‘between’ amongst those elements.  For some reason the professors have been putting more on […]

Three weeks!

Apparently, there are only three weeks left before testing begins.  Us 1Ls have turned in our final memos and cleared the table for the review, outlining, and practice testing that will dominate the remainder of the semester.  It all seems so out-of-place.  It’s mid-November in Vermont and it’s been raining!  It’s probably 55 degrees outside right now.  […]

Post-mid-term for the postmodern

Today my section had a Constitutional Law mid-term exam.  It won’t even count towards our final grade but people have been on edge about it for a week.  Some people were eve freaking out about the practice test for the ungraded mid-term.  needless to say, stress abounds.  In the meantime the days are getting shorter […]

After a Break

Last week was a breeze.  I only had one effective day of classes.  Monday and Tuesday were part of reading break.  I had full classes on Wednesday and then most classes were canceled on Thursday and Friday.  Instead of using the break to catch up on rest and start outlining and reviewing as I am […]

Another Week

The weeks are only speeding up as the leaves begin to fall.  Two weeks ago I was busy touching up the first memo to turn in for legal writing.  I spent plenty of time on it and was reasonably rewarded. But this week another memo is due.  This time we received a lot less direction […]

Cementing school strategies

When classes first began all of the recommended study methods were swimming through my head.  Be sure to brief every case, bring notes to class, try to answer every question.  The many preparation books all espoused their own fool proof strategies for success as well.  In my view, this cacophony of advice only added to […]

A Quaint Labor Day Weeked

Most students seized the opportunity to flee the sleepy hamlet of South Royalton for busier pastures.  I however had the privilege of staying around.  Though I may regret passing up the opportunity to spend time elsewhere when the snow locks us in, I had a great weekend around town.  While sitting in the Chase Center, […]