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Author Archives: hooswan

Be Careful What You Wish For

I love writing. For me, one of the most exciting things about the legal profession is that writing will be an important part of my job. Moreover, improving my writing ability has become the way for me to perform well in law school. I would rather spend weeks writing a term paper or brief than […]

The Four Digit Rule

A friend of mine in college had a rule that governed his approach to work-management. It was this: wake up before there are four digits on the clock, and go to bed before there are four digits on the clock. Now, this rule was flexible. Weekends, for example, were an exception. Yet, the point of […]

Welcome & Welcome Back!

On this bright and blue late August morning, it is difficult to think of how different things were only a year ago. The memory of Hurricane Irene, an event that so defined my first year of law school, provides a tangible point of reference. Today, flood waters have subsided; houses have been rebuilt; (most) businesses […]

Mini Marathon

Comparing law school to a marathon is a common analogy. Having actually run (and finished) a marathon, I naturally see the parallels. Training and race plans equate to studying and academic goals. Endurance, notably, one needs for both. Not merely to keep putting one foot in front of the other for three years straight, but […]

Vermont Supreme Court Visit

This past Wednesday, the Vermont Supreme Court held session at VLS. Most of my professor cancelled classes for the day, requesting students to attend the session instead. Although I missed the big case of the day involving wind turbines and NIMBYism (so big, apparently, that Dean Jefferson issued a statement the day before about potential […]

Spring Break T-5 Hours

At some point last week, or maybe the week before, I began a mental countdown of the days until Spring Break. It’s been years so I’ve looked forward to the vacation with the same eager, childlike anticipation as an elementary school class counts down the 180 days of school. My Spring Break plans are not […]

Happy Town Meeting Day!

I love random holidays. Today, across Vermont (and New Hampshire as well) it is Town Meeting Day. A suitably random holiday if you ask me, but one of immense value in today’s political climate. Coming from The South, which primarily operates on the county-system of local government, as compared to New England’s township system, Town […]

Study Break: Environmental Law

One of the perks of being a JD/MELP is that I am enrolled in Environmental Law as a 1L. After a fall filled with the usual law school classes, Environmental Law has been a welcome change. I love that even though I am a 1L, VLS offers me the opportunity to begin my environmental coursework. […]

Shout Out to the VLS Gear Shed

So far, Vermont has suffered a lackluster winter. The temperatures have been high, the snow evasive, and the cycle of freeze-thaw-refreeze very annoying. As a Southerner, I must confess that I am not winter’s biggest fan. But since I now live in a state that does winter well, I’m willing to give the season a […]

Round 2

Spring semester classes begin today, meaning that it’s time for Round 2 of 1L year! After surviving Round 1 –particularly adjusting to the newness of law school and establishing a study routine– I feel ready for Round 2. This is because I learn best by doing. Having now experienced law school, including, most importantly, final […]