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Author Archives: Kristen


It’s been the entire semester, and I have not posted once – I’ve been far too busy with my longer ride, appellate, my other classes, my puppy, and day to day life.  In the afterglow of appellate, I now find (barely any) time to write again. Appellate Advocacy requirements at VLS form a rite of […]

Property: One Last Stand

My last final exam of the semester is today!  Although I’m excited for relieving the burdensome weight of exams from my shoulders, I am nevertheless nervous for this exam as well.  I’m worried about not spotting issues or misidentifying issues.  There are a few areas of Property that snag me up a bit (like differentiating […]

I need you to bring the truck back (Surprise!)

We’ve had my fiance’s parents’ truck for the past week.  When we went home for the funeral, we left my car at my parents’ house because it needs various maintenance and work done.  We also needed the truck to transport an elliptical that we were buying.  Originally, everything was hunky dory for us to bring […]

Post-Crim Law Exam

Hooray!  Three out of four exams are out of the way!  The day is bright, beautiful, and sunny (though a little too breezy, wondering if anything of significant size will blow off of the trees or if our chairs will go, I should move them…).  I still feel physically eh, but not the mess I […]

Pre-Crim Law Exam

Uh oh.  I slept poorly and woke up with stress-induced sickness (or, at least, what had better be stress induced sickness… ), meanwhile I have my third exam in slightly more than an hour and a half from now.  D= I’m hoping to do well, but at this point I’m not sure if I can […]

Quiet day

I enjoyed today, even though others may consider my day to have been boring.  Woke up late (oops?), went to the dump (I must be the only person who is happy after visiting the dump, and getting rid of less than fragrant garbage), went for a walk, read, grilled, puttered around putting things away, and […]

Con Law: Crisis Averted (hopefully…)

Today was my second out of four finals for this semester, Constitutional Law.  I had planned on spending all of yesterday and this morning putting together my notes and learning a semester’s worth of tests and standards, but, as usual, my plans went awry.  Not feeling well put a wrench in my plan, I spent […]

Civ Pro, putting the “fun” in “funeral”

Today was my first final exam of the semester, civil procedure II.  Although the exam was not terrible, I think I would have been a bit more comfortable taking the exam if there had been more time for me to prepare, go over my notes, make sure my rule book was highlighted, tabbed, and annotated […]

I’m not a Debbie Downer!

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer,  I’m just trying to be realistic.  While almost all of the recent posts on facebook express glee and pride, they’re shortsighted.  Only a few friends share my view, apparently.  Given the latest news, that Osama Bin Laden (Or, according to Geraldo Rivera, Obama [“Oh, what am I […]

Ruh roh! Time for Scooby Snacks?

Oh, cripes.  Preparing for exams is going to be even more difficult than I thought.  I’m hoping that the last two will be easy after the first two, since the first two have been courses with parts I & II, building on concepts learned throughout the entire year.  Hopefully I’ll keep sane by tackling my […]