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Author Archives: megry

I am a 22 year old from Syracuse, NY. I have just begun my first year of law school at Vermont Law School.

The Home Stretch…..

Last week I gave my first law school oral argument.  It was both terrifying and exhilarating.  Terrifying because public speaking is a fear of mine.  Exhilarating because it went better than I could have ever expected.  I do not think I could have said that a few short weeks ago.  It really is amazing what […]

Losing track of time…

I have been seriously slacking on blogging this semester.  I am afraid that this semester is much more demanding than last.  I have come up with a statement that sums of my frame of mind reflecting back on the past few months: “Whoever said that the first semester of law school was the hardest clearly […]

Where Has the Semester Gone?

It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of November already and Thanksgiving is nearly a week away. Today is the start of week 12 of 15. The apprehension of final exams are looming around campus. Excitement over Thanksgiving break is getting me through. I cannot wait to go home and relax around the […]

Note to Self: When an exam is open book remember to bring your book

Today I took my first law school exam. It was for civil procedure, my most challenging class. I spent all weekend long preparing and working on my outline. For whatever reason I had it in my head that we could not use our book for the exam. To my surprise I showed up to class […]

Back to reality….

I arrived back in Vermont a few short hours ago from my Fall break at home in Central New York. Five hours alone in a car definitely gives a person some time to think. I reflected upon my reason for leaving home just two months ago. I spent the past year after undergrad at home […]

A Lesson in Maturity….

This week I got a wake up call. I realized that its okay to ask for help when you need it. I don’t remember the last time I reached out to a professor or T.A. to ask for help and this week I did it twice. What all the administrators told us during orientation really […]

Another Week Down….

Week three, being a short week, flew by and it is hard to believe this is the start of week four. I guess its true that time in law school seems to escape you. Jump Start seems so long ago now. Classes are gradually increasing in difficulty as the subject matter is becoming more dense. […]

3 day weekends are the best!

After being in the lovely state of Vermont exactly a month I was finally able to explore what lies outside of South Royalton. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the quaintness of SoRo but I am a city girl at heart.  My parents came to visit from upstate NY and we spent the day in […]

One week down…..

I survived my first week of law school. Last Monday was a day filled with apprehension for me because I had so many people telling me different things to expect.  I didn’t know who to listen to. The night before my first day I had settled my nerves a little, having done all my reading […]

A Start of Something New…..

Orientation is officially over and now the reality sets in: I have to go to class on Monday!  Orientation kept my fellow 1Ls and I busy with information sessions, a field trip, lots of free food, socializing, and even contra dancing.  The excitement has settled and it is time to get down to business.  I […]