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Author Archives: ttoles

Born in Brooklyn, NY. Aged 32. Graduate from Vermont Law School. Undergraduate Degree from the City College of NY (CUNY). Interests/hobbies: politics, nonfiction, autobiographies travel and spicy food. VLS activities include: President of the BLack Law Students Assoc., Vice Chair-Inter School Competition, VLS Negotiations Board, Lt. Gov- ABA Student Division.

This blog is a feeling persons guide to the law school experience and beyond.

What goes around. . .

Four years ago, the VLS class of 2009 graduated on this very day. That calls for a bit of navel gazing to say the least! Looking back  on the days festivities,  I can recall the feeling of euphoria, untested expectation and overall anxiety about the things to come. I felt as if I had finally […]

New levels, new devils.

I am cruising toward the half year mark at my clerkship.  After all of the effort and education, experience and energy expelled on applications filed, and filled, I am learning about the day labor legal system. Civil procedure at warp speed in a world were linear action and reaction are a novel concept. Despite the […]


Careers are made out of the wreckage of plans, folly, hope and trial. We strive and mimic. We make the lives of others, their stories and success, fuel for our own endeavors. If we are lucky the survivors mentor us, teach as they traverse, and we gain wisdom at a discount. Mentoring can be a […]

Process as progress

To aspire towards the practice of law one must possess, among other things,  a counter intuitive mix of ego, romanticism, energy,  discipline  and hope.  The endeavor requires a thick skin because the power in it is as likely to inspire  love as hate from all sorts of people, all whom are quite certain that they […]

D-I-Y (bubble burst)

A legal education is a solid foundation.  Unfortunately, the paper, degrees and letters behind your name are not enough to overcome the world. Just between us, a legal education is more like a framework, in that it allows a complicated thing to seem more streamlined because it provides a specific lens through which the world […]

From the ramparts

I write and all of my mind tumbles onto  the keys from space in digital format. I write in between jobs, internships, clerkships and bouts of emotion. I’ve finally figured out that the bar exam is only a test, that employment is only a means and that a calling is hard to locate without a […]


I enjoy contributing to the conversation about the experience of law school. However, until very recently, I have found myself uncharacteristically shy about discussing the uglier truths of what can happen next. I am referring to the afterlife, or life after law school. It begins the moment you turn your tassel, toss your hat and […]

Claim ticket for a wrecking ball

We are not the idea, we are not the angle or image of legalism. We are human beings looking to be useful. We struggle to find a purpose, strike a chord and run out into a future of assumptions all the while jumping hurdles, taking tests and writing through years of small things. We do […]

In a name.

I write as an alumna of Vermont Law School.  One year after commencement,  I wade in the energy, reputation and opinion of a institution I know intimately.  I am not some voice from an ivory tower or an aggregator, distilling memes for profit.  I write with the bias of insight, the grit of experience and […]

All roads

In less than twenty, the class of 2010 will cross the threshold, commenced by the toss of a hat and the promise of unchartered territories. Diplomas will change the agreements into contracts on potential. All roads lead to completion.  Sit in a class, interview and wait for more days than you knew you could.  Take […]