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Student Appreciation Day!

Dean J’s chicken always makes me feel appreciated! I have previously written about our professors giving us food on the first and second day of exams to appreciate us.  Now this act of kindness will never get old, especially when you are in your first year and you’re about to face that monster called your […]

Melodies For Jeneba

This year we hosted the Second Annual Melodies for Jeneba.  The event brought together classical musicians among the student body and we also invited a few local musicians for an evening of international food and a wide variety of classical music, to fundraise for the Jeneba Project.  Like last year, the event was an amazing […]

Not Knowing the New Comers

A major disadvantage of not being around at the beginning of school is arriving as a total stranger, especially when all your classmates have gone on Semester in Practice.  All I do these days is walk around campus pretending to belong here, too.  All the first years look at me like I am some alien, […]

The Stuff of International Law

What would you do with International Law? I have been asked this question many times in the US, with an undertone implying there is really nothing one can do with International Law.  Some even go as far as saying that there is no International Law, and countries do what they like.  Sure, countries do what […]

Mount Abe With Brother Ali

My man Ali Baba and I decided to make our first trip of the year up Mount Abraham on Saturday.  It was a pleasant day and we had a fantastic time. It was a fabulous time to do it, since I am heading home soon and Ali is going to be away for the summer […]

Will Miss The White River

Unlike last summer, I am spending the break home in Sierra Leone.  While I am happy to be going home after a long time, I will definitely miss summer in South Royalton.  Last summer I had a long distance internship with the Chicago Council, which allowed me to work from South Royalton. While I would […]

The End Is Near Again!

The end comes so fast when one is busy doing something else.  It is unbelievable to think that my 2L year has already come to a close.  It has been a rather busy year, but with enormous fun, in addition to the fact that I am becoming a 3L; something that was merely a dream […]

Break In Sight

The mini breaks in school always arrive when one needs them the most.  Spring Break is in the air, but there is always a price to pay.  Suddenly everything is due before the break; for better or for worse.  For better, because it gets us doing the vital parts of research papers before getting into […]

I Don’t Mind The Appreciation

I think consolation about the fear of Exams comes with a cool touch and encouragement that is VLS Faculty and Staff appreciation of their students for the first two days of exams.  To show that they really love and appreciate our presence, we get breakfast and lunch on both days.  I haven’t been anywhere else […]

The Christmas Story

Let me share the Jeneba Project Christmas story with you.  Enjoy it and have a wonderful holidays.