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What goes around. . .

Four years ago, the VLS class of 2009 graduated on this very day. That calls for a bit of navel gazing to say the least! Looking back  on the days festivities,  I can recall the feeling of euphoria, untested expectation and overall anxiety about the things to come. I felt as if I had finally […]

Melodies for Jeneba Series: Trinka Brannan, 2L

Process as progress

To aspire towards the practice of law one must possess, among other things,  a counter intuitive mix of ego, romanticism, energy,  discipline  and hope.  The endeavor requires a thick skin because the power in it is as likely to inspire  love as hate from all sorts of people, all whom are quite certain that they […]

From the ramparts

I write and all of my mind tumbles onto  the keys from space in digital format. I write in between jobs, internships, clerkships and bouts of emotion. I’ve finally figured out that the bar exam is only a test, that employment is only a means and that a calling is hard to locate without a […]