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Process as progress

To aspire towards the practice of law one must possess, among other things,  a counter intuitive mix of ego, romanticism, energy,  discipline  and hope.  The endeavor requires a thick skin because the power in it is as likely to inspire  love as hate from all sorts of people, all whom are quite certain that they […]

D-I-Y (bubble burst)

A legal education is a solid foundation.  Unfortunately, the paper, degrees and letters behind your name are not enough to overcome the world. Just between us, a legal education is more like a framework, in that it allows a complicated thing to seem more streamlined because it provides a specific lens through which the world […]

Vision:En route

Some months have passed since degrees were conferred on the class of 2009, and the world is deceptively bleak for graduating classes, baby lawyers and disconnected academics. Today, the dollar is shaky at best and our confidence is as entangled and owing as can be expected when the absolutes have changed and the goldmine of […]