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Monthly Archives: December 2009


It’s the last week of regular classes and everything is crazy.  It’s still raining in December.  Students are mumbling things to themselves while pacing the halls.  I am always between worry, fright, despair, and anxiety – if there is any real ‘between’ amongst those elements.  For some reason the professors have been putting more on […]

Growing Pains

Driving for 12 hours back to Vermont, I knew I was heading into the storm.  Not a snow storm, which has been eerily tardy in this Green Mountain region this season.  Rather, it was finals I was bracing myself for.  Things have been pretty non-stop since I have gotten back.  Stress surrounds. But, hands down, […]

Halfway There

One more day of classes, three finals, and I will officially be at the halfway point of law school.  Yes, it has flown by, but I still have a lot to look forward to.  Since I spent last summer taking classes, next summer I have my first legal internship to look forward to.   Although […]

No moss

I am a busy bee, a rolling stone, a tumbleweed. I moved to San Francisco after the bar exam to follow my dream of becoming an environmental litigator, among other things.  To my chagrin, the road to success is less than linear. I work in the right place, and this is the right time but […]